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Announcing Penn Press’s Spring 2021 catalog!

Exciting new titles this season include: • An Illustrated Business History of the United States by Richard Vague, a sweeping, lively, and highly approachable history of American business from the nation’s… READ MORE

Hot Off Penn Press: New for May

With the academic year winding down and summer break beginning, it’s a great time to dive into a new book! Our new releases this month include a century-spanning international history… READ MORE

Romes, Past and Present

Today, we have a guest post from Maya Maskarinec, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Southern California and author of City of Saints: Rebuilding Rome in the Early Middle Ages. Where… READ MORE

Hot Off Penn Press: March madness

Here at Penn Press, we've had a slew of new books publish in just the last month, spanning from the history of black nationalist women to the written record of… READ MORE

Amalasuintha: Woman Ruler of a Divided People

Today, we have a guest post from Massimiliano Vitiello, Associate Professor of Ancient History and Late Antiquity at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and author of Amalasuintha: The Transformation of Queenship in the… READ MORE

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