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Acquisitions Department

In the Acquisitions Department the acquiring editors are responsible for finding, evaluating, selecting, and developing book manuscripts for publication.

Walter Biggins, Editor-in-Chief
Subjects: Cultural studies; human rights; intellectual and political history of the Americas; Atlantic World and postcolonial studies
Series: Alembics: Penn Studies in Literature and Science; Material Texts; Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights; Q19: The Queer American Nineteenth Century; Sound in History

Robert Lockhart, Senior Editor
Subjects: Atlantic history; American history colonial-present; history of the African diaspora and transnational history; urban studies
Series: American Business, Politics, and Society; America in the Nineteenth Century; Architecture, Technology, Culture; The City in the 21st Century; Critical Studies in Risk and Disaster; Early American Studies; The Early Modern Americas; Hagley Perspectives on Business and Culture; Intellectual History of the Modern Age; Politics and Culture in Modern America; Power, Politics, and the World

Elisabeth Maselli, Senior Editor
Subjects: Jewish studies; religious studies; political science; ethnomusicology; cultural anthropology and ethnography of religion
American Governance: Politics, Policy, and Public Law; Contemporary Ethnography; Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism; Ethnography of Political Violence; Jewish Culture and Contexts

Jenny Tan, Associate Editor
Subjects: Medieval and early modern studies; anthropology and ethnography of race, pedagogy, social justice, and education
Series: The Middle Ages Series; RaceB4Race: Critical Race Studies of the Premodern

Cal Turner, Acquisitions Assistant
Assists the acquiring editors

Alexandra Gupta, Acquisitions Assistant
Assists the acquiring editors