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The C. Dallett Hemphill Fund

Dr. C. Dallett Hemphill was a pathbreaking scholar and treasured mentor to her colleagues. To honor Dr. Hemphill’s life and extend her academic legacy, the University of Pennsylvania Press established the C. Dallett Hemphill Publication Fund to support books in our Early American Studies series, written by first-time authors—the kind of younger scholars for whom Dr. Hemphill was such an inspiring mentor. To make a gift, please follow this link.

Supported by the Hemphill Fund

The Disaffected: Britain’s Occupation of Philadelphia During the American Revolution by Aaron Sullivan (2019)

Winner of the ARRTOP Book of the Year Award for the best book on the American Revolution Era published in 2019, granted by the American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia

“[A] fascinating look at the plight of a group of Philadelphia civilians known as the ‘Disaffected’ as they experienced the early days of the Revolution and the British take-over of their city.”—Journal of the American Revolution

Focusing on the British occupation of Philadelphia from 1777 to 1778, The Disaffected highlights the perspectives of those wearied by and withdrawn from the War for Independence and reveals the consequences of a Revolutionary ideology that assumed the nation’s people to be a united and homogenous front.

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Our Director’s Fund supports new initiatives designed to strengthen Penn Press’ contributions to our community. Recent gifts have supported the creation of a mission and vision statement, targeted support for Penn Press authors writing about newsworthy current events in the Washington Post, among other initiatives. To make a gift, please follow this link.

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