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Announcing Penn Press’s Spring 2021 catalog!


Exciting new titles this season include:

• An Illustrated Business History of the United States by Richard Vague, a sweeping, lively, and highly approachable history of American business from the nation’s founding to the twenty-first century.

• After Nationalism by Samuel Goldman, which trains a sympathetic but skeptical eye on the trend of rising nationalism across the Western world, highlighting the deep challenges that confront any contemporary effort to revive social cohesion at the national level.

• The Apache Diaspora by Paul Conrad, which brings to life the stories of displaced Apache (Ndé) peoples in the North American West after four centuries of enslavement and forced migration schemes intended to exploit, subjugate, or eliminate them.

• I've Been Here All the While by Alaina E. Roberts, which draws on archival research and family history to upend the traditional story of Reconstruction, connecting debates about Black freedom and Native American citizenship to westward expansion onto Native land.

• An Inner World, with essays by by Lara Yeager-Crasselt, Shira Brisman, and Eric Jorink, a lavishly illustrated catalogue for a new Arthur Ross Gallery exhibition featuring exceptional paintings by seventeenth-century Dutch artists working in or near the city of Leiden.

• Star Territory by Gordon Fraser, which explores how, from the United States' beginning, agents of the state, including President John Adams, Admiral Charles Henry Davis, and astronomer Maria Mitchell, participated in large-scale efforts to map the nation onto cosmic space.

• The Loss of the "Trades Increase" by Richmond Barbour, which provides an engrossing account of the tragic expedition of the greatest English merchant vessel of the Jacobean era and of global capitalism at its hour of emergence.

• Philadelphia Stories by C. Dallett Hemphill and edited by Rodney Hessinger and Daniel K. Richter, which chronicles the lives of twelve early Philadelphians, exploring the city's people and places from the colonial era to the years before the Civil War.

…and many more!

We also have new paperback editions of a number of recent Penn Press titles coming soon, including Noelani Arista's The Kingdom and the Republic, Sharon Block's Colonial Complexions, Kevin Dawson's Undercurrents of Power, Sonja Drimmer's The Art of Allusion, Katherine Eggert's Disknowledge, Catherine E. Kelly's Republic of Taste, Sami Hermez's War Is Coming, Timothy J. Lombardo's Blue-Collar Conservatism, Lloyd Pratt's The Strangers Book, George E. Thomas's Frank Furness, and Sarah S. Willen's Fighting for Dignity.

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