Category: Author Q&As: Fall 2014

Author Q&A: Colin Jager, Unquiet Things

Colin Jager is the author of Unquiet Things: Secularism in the Romantic Age. In Great Britain during the Romantic period, governmental and social structures were becoming more secular as religion was… READ MORE

Author Q&A: Jean Soderlund, Lenape Country

Jean Soderlund is the author of Lenape Country: Delaware Valley Society Before William Penn. In 1631, when the Dutch tried to develop plantation agriculture in the Delaware Valley, the Lenape Indians destroyed the… READ MORE

Author Q&A: Francesca Sawaya, The Difficult Art of Giving

Francesca Sawaya is author of The Difficult Art of Giving: Patronage, Philanthropy, and the American Literary Market, which rethinks standard economic histories of the literary marketplace. Traditionally, American literary histories maintain that… READ MORE

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