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Penn Press Authors on Chechen History and Politics

As the Boston Marathon bombing investigation continues, journalists and a concerned public are turning to historians, political scientists, security researchers, and other scholars for a deeper understanding of the suspects'… READ MORE

Win a Free Copy of Ellis Island Nation

Ellis Island Nation: Immigration Policy and American Identity in the Twentieth Century, a new book by University of Mississippi historian Robert L. Fleegler, traces the emergence of “contributionism,” the belief that the newcomers from eastern and southern Europe contributed important cultural and economic benefits to American society.

This Week’s New Books

Crusade and Christendom: Annotated Documents in Translation from Innocent III to the Fall of Acre, 1187-1291 Edited by Jessalynn Bird, Edward Peters, and James M. Powell 568 pages | 6… READ MORE

Win a Free Copy of The Disaster Experts: Mastering Risk in Modern America

If you’d like the chance to receive a free copy of The Disaster Experts, send an email to pressmkt at pobox dot upenn dot edu with your first name, last name, and your preferred email address by March 15 at noon Eastern Standard Time. One person will be selected at random to receive a hardcover or ebook copy of The Disaster Experts.