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Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. To mark this occasion, Penn Press is sharing a collection of books in women’s history and studies that we have published in the past five years, and through the end of the month, we’re offering 40% off all titles in the collection plus free shipping to U.S. addresses!

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The Maternalists

Shaul Bar-Haim

A Medieval Life

Judith M. Bennett

A Tyranny Against Itself

John I. B. Bhadra-Heintz

Set the World on Fire

Keisha N. Blain

Women Healers

Susan H. Brandt

Undoing Slavery

Kathleen M. Brown

The Matter of Virtue

Holly A. Crocker

A Female Apostle in Medieval Italy

Jacques Dalarun, Sean L. Field, Valerio Cappozzo

Marie of France

Theodore Evergates


Carol Faulkner

The Silver Women

Joan Flores-Villalobos

Selling Antislavery

Teresa A. Goddu

Her Neighbor's Wife

Lauren Jae Gutterman

Citizenship on the Edge

Nancy J. Hirschmann, Deborah A. Thomas

A Marsh Island

Sarah Orne Jewett, Don James McLaughlin

Wicked Flesh

Jessica Marie Johnson

Ensuring Poverty

Felicia Kornbluh, Gwendolyn Mink

Counseling Women

Julia Kowalski


Laura McEnaney

Faith in Exposure

Justine S. Murison

Intimate Bonds

Jennifer L. Palmer

Women at the Wheel

Katherine J. Parkin

Fair Copy

Jennifer Putzi

Free and Natural

Sarah Schrank

Let the Wind Speak

Carol Shloss

"Ethel's Love-Life" and Other Writings

Margaret J. M. Sweat, Christopher Looby, Christopher Looby

Pan American Women

Megan Threlkeld

Citizens of the World

Megan Threlkeld

Equality on Trial

Katherine Turk

Contested Bodies

Sasha Turner