Spotted: Penn Press Books at the National Building Museum

In this post, Marketing Assistant Alex Beaton reveals that she can't stay away from Penn Press books, even when she goes out of town for the weekend.

Last weekend, I took a quick trip to DC and saw the awesome “Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990” exhibit at the National Building Museum. Their collections and exhibits deal with architecture, landscapes, urban design, city planning, and the built environment, so I certainly expected to see some familiar spines on their shelves and I wasn’t disappointed. Since University Press Week was approaching, I was incredibly pleased to find tons of university press titles in
the gift shop’s book section, including several Penn Press books (with a few facing









On a brief personal note, University Press Week is also my third week at Penn Press, and this is my first post here as the new marketing assistant. I think the work university presses do is incredibly important, and I’m beyond excited to take on this role.


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