Media Round-Up: Daniel Geary

GearyDaniel Geary's Beyond Civil Rights: The Moynihan Report and Its Legacy just came out in June, but it's already getting attention, with Geary's writing popping up across the Web. Here' s a short round-up.

Jacobin, "Moynihan's Anti-Feminism"—First up, read an excerpt from the book itself.

The Moynihan Report naturalized patriarchy and rationalized inequality. Fifty years later, it’s still doing damage.

In These Times, "The Moynihan Report Is Turning 50. Its Ideas on Black Poverty Were Wrong Then and Are Wrong Now."—Geary argues against the idea that African-Americans’ family structure is the “master problem” of racial inequality in America.

The Moynihan Report is a Frankenstein’s monster that conservatives resurrect every time Americans are confronted with the consequences of racial and class inequality.

The Boston Review, "Letter to the Editor: The Moynihan Report at Fifty"—Geary responds to Stephen Steinberg's recent essay on the Moynihan Report, also in the Boston Review. Make sure to take a look at the comments section, where the two authors spar for a few posts about how their interpretations of the report differ.

In his recent essay on the Moynihan report, Stephen Steinberg sees out of only one eye.



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