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Category: 19th-Century History and Culture

Win a Free Copy of Ellis Island Nation

Ellis Island Nation: Immigration Policy and American Identity in the Twentieth Century, a new book by University of Mississippi historian Robert L. Fleegler, traces the emergence of “contributionism,” the belief that the newcomers from eastern and southern Europe contributed important cultural and economic benefits to American society.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pies for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! We put an historical Pennsylvania Dutch twist on the mathematical celebration of 3/14 by eating shoofly pie and sharing a recipe for apple Schnitz pie, two the… READ MORE

The Surprising Roots of Women’s History in the United States

The women’s histories that were produced in the late eighteenth century promoted an ideal of domestic citizenship for women that was valued as a break from a less advanced past, and hence a sign of modernity, as well as a distinguishing characteristic of national virtue at a time when a market economy and new forms of political organization were reshaping the countries of Europe and the New World.