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Paul’s Pick: a Free Article from the Journal of the History of Ideas

HumanityPaul’s pick for February is “Infecting, Simulating, Judging: Tolstoy’s Search for an Aesthetic Standard”  by Tatyana Gershkovich. The article appears in latest issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas.

  Gershkovich writes:

Much of the previous scholarship on What is Art? has examined the criteria
Tolstoy uses to judge works of art. In this article, in contrast, I interrogate
his argument for the very possibility of aesthetic judgment at all. On what
grounds does he claim that one artwork ought to please everyone more
than another? I argue that many of the paradoxes and contradictions of
Tolstoy’s aesthetic worldview grow out of his attempt to establish a nonarbitrary,
universal aesthetic standard.

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