Announcing Penn Press’s Fall 2020 catalog!


Exciting new titles this season include:

• In Defense of Populism by Donald T. Critchlow, which argues, contrary to contemporary warnings about the dangers of populism, that grassroots activism is essential to party renewal within a democratic system.

• Nuclear Country by Catherine McNicol Stock, which explores how militarization and nuclearization were the historical developments most essential to the creation of the rural New Right.

• Voting in Indian Country by Jean Reith Schroedel, which uses conflicts over voting rights as a lens for understanding the centuries-long fight for Native self-determination.

• Artificial Life After Frankenstein by Eileen Hunt Botting, which brings the insights born of Mary Shelley's legacy to bear upon the ethics and politics of making artificial life and intelligence in the twenty-first century.

• American Freethinker by Kirsten Fischer, which offers the first comprehensive biography of Elihu Palmer, a figure at the heart of the early United States' protracted contest over religious freedom and free speech.

• Wicked Flesh by Jessica Marie Johnson, which argues that African women and women of African descent in the Atlantic world endowed free status with meaning through active, aggressive, and sometimes unsuccessful intimate and kinship practices.

• Occupied America by Donald F. Johnson, which chronicles the everyday experience of ordinary people living under military occupation during the American Revolution.

• A Medieval Life by Judith M. Bennett, now in its second edition, which offers a biography of one woman, a portrait of her world, and an introduction to historical method.

• The Jewish Body by Robert Jütte, which offers an encyclopedic survey of the Jewish body as it has existed and as it has been imagined from biblical times to the present.

…and many more!

We also have new paperbacks of recent books coming soon, including Donald T. Critchlow's Republican Character, Peter C. Mancall's Nature and Culture in the Early Modern Atlantic, Kellie Carter Jackson's Force and Freedom, Megan Threlkeld's Pan American Women, Erin Daly's Dignity Rights, Dinah Hannaford's Marriage Without Borders, Dyan Elliott's The Bride of Christ Goes to Hell, and Alastair Minnis's From Eden to Eternity.

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