Announcing Penn Press’s Fall 2019 catalog!


Exciting new titles this season include:

  • Her Neighbor’s Wife by Lauren Jae Gutterman, which traces the stories of hundreds of women who struggled to balance marriage and same-sex desire in the postwar United States, calling into question the presumed straightness of traditional American marriage.
  • The Age of Intoxication by Benjamin Breen, which rethinks a history of drugs and the early drug trade that has too often been framed as opposites—between medicinal and recreational, legal and illegal, good and evil.
  • Shakespeare’s First Reader by Jason Scott-Warren, which tells the compelling story of Richard Stonley—the earliest known purchaser of Shakespeare's first publication, Venus and Adonis—and seeks to understand how this one early modern gentleman lived in and through his library.
  • Black Metaphors by Cord J. Whitaker, which examines the rhetorical and theological moves through which blackness and whiteness became metaphors for sin and purity in English writing and considers how these metaphors came to be reified in the development of notions of race in the centuries that followed.
  • Paradigm Lost by Ian S. Lustick, which argues that negotiations for a two-state solution between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River are doomed and counterproductive.
  • American Justice 2019 by Mark Joseph Stern, which examines the Supreme Court's contentious recent term following the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the controversial confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and highlights the consequences of Chief Justice John Roberts stepping into a new role as the court’s swing vote.

…and many more!

We also have new paperbacks of recent books coming soon, including Keisha N. Blain's Set the World on Fire, Sasha Turner's Contested Bodies, Bethel Saler's The Settlers' Empire, Lisa A. Freeman's Antitheatricality and the Body Public, Eileen Hunt Botting's Mary Shelley and the Rights of the Child, Jamie Mayerfeld's The Promise of Human Rights, Chiseche Salome Mibenge's Sex and International Tribunals, and Ann Grodzins Gold's Shiptown.

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