Wildlife of the Week: The Pine Barrens Treefrog

In anticipation of John H. Rappole’s forthcoming Wildlife of the Mid-Atlantic: A Complete Reference Manual, the Penn Press Log proudly presents Wildlife of the Week, a summer series of posts featuring some of our favorite creatures from Rappole’s book.

The Pine Barrens Treefrog (Hyla andersonii) spends its days sleeping and its nights hunting for insects in what remains of southern New Jersey’s wetlands. This tiny (3 to 6 cm long), brightly colored amphibian was the subject of Andy Warhol’s 1983 screen  print series of endangered species. Fortunately, habitat conservation efforts of organizations such as the New Jersey Pinelands Commission allowed the Pine Barrens treefrog to leap off the endangered species list in 2003. Still, the frog  is rarely seen and remains at risk of extripation.

Wildlife of the Mid-Atlantic: A Complete Reference Manual is scheduled for release in mid July. John H. Rappole is a Research Scientist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park’s Conservation and Research Center. He is the author of twelve books, including Birds of the Mid-Atlantic Region and The Ecology of Migrant Birds