Week 4 of the History Matters Bloggers’ Roundtable, Plus Bennett Herself

As Women's History month comes to an end, so does the History Matters Bloggers' Roundtable. Last week, Another Damned Medievalist shared her perspective on History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism by Judith M. Bennett.

And for the grand finale, Judith M. Bennett herself made a guest appearance on the blog The Adventures of Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar. There, Bennett wrote:

It’s been a fun ride for the last four weeks—enormously flattering to
be the center of so much smart commentary, a bit nerve-wracking to see
how others have construed my words, and occasionally flummoxing to
navigate the mostly-new-to-me world of blogging (both “tool” and
“troll” sent me straight to google for updated definitions.) I’ve
laughed a bit and learned a lot. So first of all, thank you—to Notorious Ph.D., Historiann, Tenured Radical, and Another Damned Medievalist
for hosting this blogfest, and to the dozens of you who have responded
with insightful comments of your own. I am very, very grateful.

We at Penn Press would like to say thank you as well to a group of scholars willing to make brave and substantive contributions to academic life in wild world of the blogosphere.