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We have a new shopping cart!

If you’ve bought a book from before, you may notice some things are different in our checkout process lately. That’s because we have a brand-new shopping cart!

We’re so excited to have moved to the Indiepubs cart provided by our distributor, Ingram Publishing Services, but we recognize that our regular customers may have some questions about this change. Here’s a guide to what’s new:

  • First of all, you may be wondering: What is Indiepubs? Indiepubs is an online bookstore collecting books published by a wide range of independent publishers, including many scholarly presses, who are distributed by Ingram. You can learn more on the Indiepubs site. When you check out from, you will be directed to Indiepubs to complete your purchase—but you are still buying directly from Penn Press, since Indiepubs is connected to our distribution and warehousing infrastructure provided by Ingram.
  • In our new cart, getting free shipping with your order is easy—simply spend $40, and your shipping will automatically be free!
  • As you may notice, you cannot place preorders in the Indiepubs cart more than 30 days before a book’s publication date. In addition, the Indiepubs cart does not accept backorders. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these changes. We advise customers to continue to check back to see if the book they want to order has become available, or to visit other great online book retailers such as and IndieBound, among others.
  • As is often to be expected with a transition like this, there may be technical glitches both large and small in the immediate days following the transition—please bear with us as we sort these out. We thank you for your patience!
  • If you need help related to an Indiepubs order, you may contact Ingram by email at for support.

We hope that this rundown serves as a good introduction to this exciting change! Thank you for being a Penn Press customer.