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A Just Withdrawal: Walzer and Mills on Getting Out of Iraq in The New Republic

Michael Walzer and Nicolaus Mills co-wrote a piece for today’s issue of Tne New Republic entitled A Just Withdrawal. In it, they share their guidelines for an ethical withdrawal from an occupied land.

“. . . as President Obama continues the withdrawal of American troops from
Iraq, he should do more than pay attention to conditions on the ground.
He should also keep in mind how badly withdrawals from occupied
countries have gone in the past, and take to heart the historical
lessons these failed withdrawals teach. Though many experts have
attempted military, strategic, and political analyses of how and when
the United States should withdraw, there has been little attention paid
to moral considerations in answering that question.”

You can read what Walzer and Mills have to say on the question at and in their new book, Getting Out: Historical Perspectives on Leaving Iraq.