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Tropic of Venice Contest Winner

Tropic of VeniceTropic of Venice author Margaret Doody knows Venice. So does Bonnie Hollis, winner of our Tropic of Venice contest.

Over 360 people took our Tropic of Venice online quiz. 15 answered all of the questions correctly to qualify for our prize raffle. Of those 15, Hollis was chosen at random to receive a $50 Penn Press gift certificate.

See how well you know Venice. Take the quiz for yourself.

1. Look at the buildings featured on the cover of Tropic of Venice.
The tower behind the Doge’s Palace and pretty much every other
structure in the area, including the famous piazza, are named after
what saint?

A. St. Mark

B. St. Peter

C. St. Norbert

2. In which Henry James novel does an American woman named Milly travel to Venice?

A. The Aspern Papers

B. The Wings of the Dove

C. Portrait of a Lady

3. The controversial multibillion dollar plan to save sinking Venice from the rising waters of the Adriatic Sea is known as:

A. The Grand Arms

B. The Noah Project

C. The Moses Project

4. Genuine Venetian masks created by Ca Macana and Mondonovo appeared in what Stanley Kubrick film?

A. A Clockwork Orange

B. Eyes Wide Shut

C. Barry Lyndon

5. Who painted The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the grand altarpiece that was installed in Venice’s S Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in 1518?

A. Titian

B. Fra Bartolommeo

C. Raphael

Tropic of Venice Quiz answers:
1. A; 2. B.; 3. C.; 4. B.; 5. A