Three “Essential” Penn Press Books in Choice Magazine

Three very different Penn Press books were named "essential" in the June 2010 issue of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries–Marisa Chappell's The War on Welfare: Family, Poverty, and Politics in
Modern America
, Lloyd Pratt's Archives of American Time: Literature and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century, and The Bohemians, a novel by Anne Gedeon Lafitte, Marquis de Pelleport.

Choice described The War on Welfare as a "must read for anyone interested in the Great Society and conservative attempts to dismantle it." Choice said of Archives of American Time, "This lively interdisciplinary study is entertaining as well as informative."  Choice reviewer C. B. Kerr thanked Robert Darnton for rediscovering Pelleport's The Bohemians. "Witty and outrageous, the novel was lost as soon as it was published. Today, beautifully translated into English by [Vivian] Folkenflik, it seems remarkably modern. The novel richly deserves the audience it never had," wrote Kerr.

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