The What Penn Press Book are You? Facebook Quiz Contest

Facebook users are familiar with the What _____ Are You? Quiz. If there's a What's Your NPR Personality? quiz, a What Work of Literature Are You? quiz, and a Which Monastic Order Fits You Best? quiz (not to mention the Which Sad Medievalist Stereotype Do You Embody? quiz), then there's room for a What Penn Press Book Are You? quiz.

Since we are a university press, we have to approach the quiz making process a bit differently from other Facebook quiz creators. First we must go out into the field and gather data. This is where our Facebook fans come in.

Let us know what Penn Press Book best captures your essence and interests and you could win a copy of that book*, plus another book of your choice.

How to Enter:

Visit The University of Pennsylvania Press page at

Become a Fan of the University of Pennsylvania Press Facebook page.
Write a post on our page wall stating the title of Penn Press book that best embodies you and a brief explanation of your choice.

Submit your post by noon E.S.T. on July 14, 2009.

A winner will be drawn from the eligible entries and notified on July 15, 2009.

The Rules:
University of Pennsylvania Press employees and members of their families are not eligible to win. University of Pennsylvania Press book editors and authors are not eligible to win. You are free to post as many submissions as you like, but only one will be entered in the drawing. The book in the winning post must be published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. *The winner will receive copies of books that are in print as of 7/15/2009.