The TLS Reviews Noble’s Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians

Times Literary Supplement reviewer Lucy Beckett calls Thomas F. X. Noble's Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians, "an immensely scholarly and interesting book on the Carolingian response to the drama of iconoclasm in Byzantium."

In "Like the Romans," a review in the June 11 issue of the TLS, Beckett praises Noble's "painstaking work on more than a thousand pages of Carolingian texts with some or much bearing on the question of sacred images–text that have suffered varying degrees of damage and editorial excision and have never been translated into any modern language."

"Noble unscrambles with meticulous attention an extremely complex
story," writes Beckett.

TLS Online subscribers can access the full review of this first comprehensive study of the Western response to Byzantine iconoclasm at the TLS web site.

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