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Divided Houses Author Sumption Gives and Receives Praise in TLS Books of the Year

Just in case you missed it, the Books of the Year list in the Times Literary Supplement contains plenty of praise for Jonathan Sumption's The Hundred Years War, volume III: Divided Houses.

David Cannadine writes, "Jonathan Sumption is not only one of Britain's
leading lawyers, but also an outstanding medieval historian, and in Divided Houses he has produced the third volume of his
definitive history of the Hundred Years War, an enthralling account of
English decay and French resurgence, which should be essential reading
for Eurosceptics–and saner people, too."

Frederic Raphael says, "In Divided Houses, the third volume of
his history of the Hundred years War, Jonathan Sumption marches on
magisterially as the French and English (nothing 'British' about them)
slog it out for the European heavyweight crown in one of the longest
contests of all time."

Sumption himself offers his list of favorites to the TLS article, and so do Penn Press authors Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Anthony Grafton, and Elaine Showalter.