Schulz’s Human Rights Tip Sheet for Obama

In a new op-ed in The Boston Globe, William F. Schulz, senior fellow in human-rights policy at the
Center for American Progress and former Executive Director of Amnesty
International USA, gives President-Elect Barack Obama a list of human rights goals for his administration.

Schulz writes, "…faced as the new president will be with enormous economic
challenges, to say nothing of war on two fronts, repairing our
human-rights persona may not top his 'To Do' list. After all, only two
questions about human rights – one on Darfur and one on whether
healthcare is a right or a privilege – made it into the presidential
debates.So how can President Obama most effectively signal the
advent of a new era in US human-rights policy?"

Click here to see the five initiatives Schulz wants Obama to begin when he takes office.

William F. Schulz is the editor of The Phenomenon of Torture: Readings and Commentary and The Future of Human Rights: U.S. Policy for a New Era.

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