Schoolcraft Overshadowed No Longer

The most recent volume of The Michigan Historical Review praises Robert Dale Parker, editor of The Sound the Stars Make Rushing through the Sky: The Writings of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, for shedding light on the work of a nineteenth-century woman who had been overshadowed by her husband’s ambitions. John Fierst of the
Clarke Historical Library writes:

Parker faced a daunting challenge in preparing a documentary edition of Jane Schoolcraft’s work—something he has accomplished masterfully. Thanks to his scholarship, readers can now appreciate the scope of her work and the sensitivity and intelligence that gave rise to it, even as her familiar Ojibwe world "was giving way to a world of Indian removal and racial polarization" (p. 43). Because of the painstaking labor of this dedicated scholar, the shadow that looms over Jane Johnston Schoolcraft’s work is now smaller and less opaque.

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