Sageman Cited in Rolling Stone Article

In this week’s much discussed McChrystal piece in Rolling Stone, Michael Hastings cites Penn Press author Marc Sageman in his commentary on the complex and messy nature of the counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan.

But even if [McChrystal] somehow manages to succeed, after years of bloody fighting with Afghan kids who pose no threat to the U.S. homeland, the war will do little to shut down Al Qaeda, which has shifted its operations to Pakistan. Dispatching 150,000 troops to build new schools, roads, mosques and water-treatment facilities around Kandahar is like trying to stop the drug war in Mexico by occupying Arkansas and building Baptist churches in Little Rock. "It's all very cynical, politically," says Marc Sageman, a former CIA case officer who has extensive experience in the region. "Afghanistan is not in our vital interest – there's nothing for us there."