Resolution of Appreciation for Martin Meyerson

The Penn Press Board of Trustees unanimously approved the following
resolution of appreciation for the work of Martin Meyerson, University of Pennsylvania President Emeritus, who died earlier this year at the age of 84.

Resolution of Appreciation for Martin Meyerson, 1922-2007
In memoriam

For 26 years Martin Meyerson was closely involved with the University of Pennsylvania Press. In June 1971, soon after assuming the presidency of the University, Martin was appointed an Interim Director of the Press. He then chaired the Press’s Board of Trustees from April 1984 until July 1997. In September 1997 he became Chair Emeritus. In celebration of his emeritus appointment, the Board established the Martin Meyerson Publication Fund to support exceptional books, especially in the fields of urban planning and design.

Be it RESOLVED, then, that the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc., on behalf of themselves, the staff, the Faculty Editorial Board, and Press authors, hereby declare their gratitude to Martin Meyerson for having contributed significantly to the continuance and growth of Penn Press through his leadership, inspiration, and commitment. He will be remembered as one of the Press’s true champions.