Penn Press Authors on Religion and American History Blog

Penn Press authors are back in action at the Religion and American History blog. Steven P. Miller and Katherine Carte Engel are the latest of our authors to contribute to the online history forum.

“Graham was indeed in Nixon’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ during the immediate post-reelection period,” concludes Steven Miller, author of Billy Graham and the Rise of the Republican South, in his new blog post for Religion In American History. In "Billy Graham, Nixon, and Jews as God's Time Piece," Miller, relays his thoughts on a taped Billy Graham-Nixon conversation recently made public by the Nixon Presidential Library and considers the close connection between Graham’s evangelist mission and its influence on Nixon’s political policy.

In "Protestant Empires, Whiggish History, and Personal Religious Histories," Katherine Carte Engel writes about Carla Gardina Pestana’s recently published book Protestant Empire: Religion and the Making of the British Atlantic World, calling it “timely” and “wonderfully readable.” “It elaborates the very real political forces at work in religious history,”  making religious history more accessible for the average reader.
Engel is the author of Religion and Profit: Moravians in Early America.