Penn Press Announces Roland Betancourt as New Series Editor for The Middle Ages

Penn Press is pleased to announce Roland Betancourt, Professor of Art History at the University of California, Irvine, as the new series editor for The Middle Ages.

Betancourt remarks: “I am deeply honored to be taking on the august role of series editor for The Middle Ages Series at Penn Press. This series has published some of the most groundbreaking and field-defining texts in Medieval Studies over the past fifty years. As series editor, my goal is to steward the respect and commitments of the series, while expanding its purview to embrace the full diversity of the Middle Ages. I aim to champion work that critically excavates the overlooked histories of gender variance, sexuality, and race in our premodern archives, while also grappling with the Middle Ages in a global and cross-temporal context.”

Associate Editor Jenny Tan, who acquires for the series, adds, “I’m thrilled to have Roland onboard as series editor, and excited to work together to bring forth books that will continue to foster important scholarly conversations about the premodern world and the field of medieval studies.”

We also wish to extend our utmost gratitude to Ruth Mazo Karras for her service and contributions to the series, which have shaped and defined our publishing program in medieval studies for so many years. Walter Biggins, the Press’s editor-in-chief, remarks, “Karras served wonderfully and with thoughtful intellectual engagement as general editor of The Middle Ages Series for over twenty years. It is a strong testament to her commitment to the series that, even as she was departing from it, she helped guide us to a capable successor, and we are grateful for her work.”

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