Penn Press Announces Partnership with the Association for Jewish Studies to Publish AJS Review

Effective with Volume 46 (2022), Penn Press will publish the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS) flagship journal, AJS Review.

Published biannually, AJS Review features a range of articles, essays, and book reviews highlighting pathbreaking work across the field of Jewish Studies. From biblical and rabbinic textual and historical studies to modern history, social sciences, the arts, and literature, the journal is an award-winning source of content of interest to both academic and lay audiences around the world.

The AJS was founded in 1969 as a forum for exploring methodological and pedagogical issues in the then-new field of Jewish Studies. Since its founding, the AJS has grown into the largest learned society and professional organization representing Jewish Studies scholars worldwide. Members of the Association for Jewish Studies receive the journal as a benefit of membership.

Penn Press has served scholarly communities in the humanities and social sciences since the founding of its imprint in the 1890s, publishing more than 20 journals and 100 books each year.  Penn Press actively supports the scholarly work of many partners on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, including the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, who oversee the publication of the award-winning “Jewish Culture & Contexts” book series as well as The Jewish Quarterly Review.

Warren Hoffman, Executive Director of AJS, states that the Association “is thrilled to be collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania Press. The Press's substantial history as a leading publisher of Jewish Studies scholarship, both in book and journal formats, make this a natural and beneficial partnership for our two organizations.”

Mary C. Francis, Director of Penn Press is, “excited and gratified to be working with our colleagues at AJS.  Jewish Studies has long been essential to Penn Press’ mission, and this partnership gives us a tremendous opportunity to serve this community in a new way.  The AJS’s long-standing commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship is an outstanding example of mission-driven scholarly communication, and one that we are proud to support.”