Paul’s Pick: “Why We Argue About the Way We Read,” a free article from The Eighteenth Century

The Eighteenth CenturyPaul's pick for March is "Why We Argue About the Way We Read"  by Lisa A. Freeman at the University of Illinois Chicago. The article appears in Spring 2013 issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation.

The article is an introduction to a new feature called “Critical
Conversations.” Our intention is to provide our community of readers
with short pieces by eighteenth-century scholars that address the timely
and topical intellectual debates circulating within the academic
profession at large. We are honored that the inaugural Critical
Conversation, “Why We Argue About the Way We Read,” is guest edited by
Lisa A. Freeman, with contributions from Emily Hodgson Anderson, Suvir
Kaul, Stuart Sherman, and Kristina Straub.

Click here to download this free article and learn more about The Eighteenth Century.

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