Paul’s Pick for February, a Free Article from the Journal of the History of Ideas

Jemcs coverEvery month, Paul Chase in the Penn Press Journals department invites our blog readers to download a complimentary article from one of our many scholarly journals.

Paul's Pick for February, Freedom, the Common Good, and the Rule of Law: Lippmann and Hayek on Economic Planning by Ben Jackson, appears in the latest issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas.

In the article, Jackson writes:

Walter Lippmann’s case against economic planning, formed in response to certain aspects of the New Deal, provided a striking first approximation of key arguments that [Friedrich] Hayek would later articulate in his own work: the objection to economic planning on the grounds that it would destroy not just valued economic liberties but also civil and political freedoms; an emphasis on the importance of a certain form of legal order for the preservation of liberty; and the need for critics of planning to offer a positive liberal reform agenda that was compatible with this understanding of the law.

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