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Don’t Mess with the Titles

Philadelphia Inquirer critic Carlin Romano praises the book Metropolitan Philadelphia: Living with the Presence of the Past by Steven Conn. "Incisive, quirky, wry and boosterish without pulling appropriate punches, Metropolitan… READ MORE

Now in Paperback–The Poor Indians

/The Poor Indians: British Missionaries, Native Americans, and Colonial Sensibility/
Laura M. Stevens
272 pages | 6 x 9 | 5 illus.
Cloth 2004 | ISBN 0-8122-3812-5 | $39.95s| £ 26.00
Paper August 2006 | ISBN 0-8122-1967-8 | $24.95s | £ 16.50

The Organization Man at 50

Why does Whyte’s cultural critique still resonate in our downsized globalized working world? A quote from Roger K. Miller’s recent review, which appeared in “The Washington Times” and “The Philadelphia Inquirer,” may have the answer.

Magic Articles

The premier issue of Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft is in print! These free sample articles are available as PDFs: From the EditorsMichael D. Bailey and Brian P. Copenhaver, Vol. 1,… READ MORE

“Heaven” Just Down the Street

An excerpt from Steven Conn’s Metropolitan Philadelphia hits Penn Press close to home, right in the heart of what is officially known as University City.  In "Heaven Is a Mixed… READ MORE

When a Cosmopolitan Was More than a Cocktail

At a time when terrorism, globalization, and immigration debates have turned many Americans inward, a recent Wall Street Journal review of Margaret Jacob’s Strangers Nowhere in the World: The Rise… READ MORE