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Gray Panthers–Now in Paperback

Gray Panthers
Roger Sanjek
320 pages | 6 x 9 | 22 illus.
Cloth 2009 | ISBN 978-0-8122-4137-2 | $59.95 | £39.00
Paper 2011 | ISBN 978-0-8122-2191-6 | $26.50 | £17.50

Gray PanthersIn 1970, a sixty-five-year-old Philadelphian named Maggie Kuhn began vocally opposing the notion of mandatory retirement. Taking inspiration from the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements, Kuhn and her cohorts created an activist organization that quickly gained momentum as the Gray Panthers. After receiving national publicity for her efforts–she even appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson–she gained thousands of supporters, young and old. Their cause expanded to include universal health care, nursing home reform, affordable and accessible housing, defense of Social Security, and elimination of nuclear weapons.

In Gray Pathers, prize-winning author Roger Sanjek tells the story of the Gray Panthers, an intergenerational activist group founded in 1970. He depicts struggles against mandatory retirement and Social Security cuts, and for universal health care and peace, by this national movement representing tens of thousands of supporters.

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