Paul’s Pick for June, a Free Article on the Original Tea Party from Early American Studies

Every month, Paul Chase in the Penn Press Journals department invites our blog readers to download a complimentary article from one of our many scholarly journals.

PEAS Coveraul's Pick for June is "Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party?" by Tufts University historian Benjamin L. Carp. The article appears in the Spring 2012 issue of Early American Studies.

Like New Yorkers and Philadelphians, Bostonians smuggled tea and other commodities (sometimes called the ‘‘Dutch trade’’) and joined the colonial nonimportation agreements. Unlike their counterparts, however, some Boston merchants had also violated the agreements by continuing to import British tea. This article argues that Atlantic smugglers trading with the Netherlands and other European nations helped create the conditions for the Boston Tea Party and helped provoke it.

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