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Dynasty, smhynasty! Phillies Fan and Historian Bill Kashatus is Enjoying the Ride

The weather forecast for the coming week is just one more thing for Philadelphians to worry about, especially those who have their fingers crossed for another World Series Championship. After Phillies' dramatic advance to the NLCS, anxiety is in the air mingling with today's rain. But William C. Kashatus, author of Almost a Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the 1980 Phillies advises fans to relax and enjoy the ride. The historian provides a broader perspective to stressed out Phils fans who hope to see the start of a real baseball dynasty. Dynasty, smhynasty!

Actually, postseason predictions are futile. What the Phillies did or
failed to do during the regular season is a poor indicator of how they
will perform in October.

The mind-set, intensity and approach players take for a short . . . series is completely different from what they do in the
162-game grind.

Hot teams can suddenly turn cold. Inconsistent pitching can become
unhittable. And hitters who suffered prolonged slumps can carry their
team in the playoffs.

The only clear thing is that the Phillies have the talent to compete
with anybody. But their success
will be determined by the mental toughness of the individual players
and their desire to win.

You can read Kashatus's complete commentary, which appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News, at