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The Pinochet Effect and Other Books

As Chileans celebrate and mourn the death of General Augusto Pinochet, these books offer insights on the legacy of his deeds and those who sought to bring him to justice…. READ MORE

Ian Lustick, BMOC

Two University of Pennsylvania publications focus on professor and government consultant Ian Lustick this month. A article on Lustick appears in the current Penn Arts and Sciences Magazine, while The… READ MORE

“Iraq Is Not One Nation”

On the November 6th broadcast of WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty-Moss Coane, Brendan O’Leary shared his views on the best future course for U.S. policy in Iraq.  O’Leary, constitutional advisor… READ MORE

Camden at Another Crossroads

Four years after the New Jersey State Legislature voted to spend $175 million to help revitalize Camden, a series of resignations has placed the troubled riverfront town at another crossroads,… READ MORE

WSJ Q&A on Federalism in Iraq

Could the creation of autonomous federal regions stem the rising tide of sectarian violence in Iraq? Brendan O’Leary, a former adviser to the Kurdistan regional government and one of the… READ MORE

Echoes of Very Distant Wars

Echoes of Very Distant Wars, an essay by Ann M. Little, Associate Professor of History at Colorado State University and author of Abraham in Arms: War and Gender in Colonial… READ MORE

Old Roles in New Books

Cooking for Your Man, Cooking for Mr. Right, and Saucepans & the Single Girl sound like titles you might find at a used book table of a flea market. Yet… READ MORE

Lustick on The Brian Lehrer Show

WNYC Radio’s Brian Lehrer will interview Ian. S. Lustick, author of Trapped in the War on Terror, on Monday,  9/25 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Listeners can call in comments and… READ MORE

CT Landmarks “Hung Out to Dry?”

“The curing shed of the New England tobacco fields is the area’s most characteristic architectural form, and it is fast vanishing from the agricultural landscape,” writes James F. O’Gorman in the September 17th Hartford Courant.
“Hung out to Dry,” his commentary on the historic value of Connecticut’s curing sheds and strategies to preserve these structures, is available at