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The Making of a Miami Treasure

Like its palatial contemporaries Biltmore and San Simeon, Vizcaya represents an achievement of the Gilded Age, when country houses and their gardens were a conspicuous measure of personal wealth and… READ MORE

Now Available–Nature as Model

Nature as Model: Salomon de Caus and Early Seventeenth-Century Landscape Design Luke Morgan 312 pages | 6 x 9 | 54 illus. Cloth 2006 | ISBN 0-8122-3963-6 | $55.00 |… READ MORE

CT Landmarks “Hung Out to Dry?”

“The curing shed of the New England tobacco fields is the area’s most characteristic architectural form, and it is fast vanishing from the agricultural landscape,” writes James F. O’Gorman in the September 17th Hartford Courant.
“Hung out to Dry,” his commentary on the historic value of Connecticut’s curing sheds and strategies to preserve these structures, is available at