Book Re-Launched at Nanticoke Indian Powwow

Last weekend’s 29th Annual Nanticoke Indian Powwow provided an ideal venue for the return of Delaware’s Forgotten Folk by C.A. Weslager. Copies of the book were sold at the powwow to raise funds for the Nanticoke Indian Center and Nanticoke Museum in Delaware.

First published by Penn Press in 1943, Delaware’s Forgotten Folk chronicles the history of the Nanticoke Indians and the Cheswold Moors from John Smith’s first encounter with the Nanticokes along the Kuskakarawack River in 1608 to the struggles faced by these uniquely diverse communities amid the
racial and social tensions of mid-twentieth-century America.

Now available at, Delaware’s Forgotten Folk endures as a fundamental work on the life and history of the Nanticoke and Moor peoples.

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