Almost a Dynasty Rekindles Fond Memories

A review of Almost a Dynasty: The Rise and Fall
of the 1980 Phillies
, by William C. Kashatus, appeared in the March 30 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer. In this review, retired sports journalist Bill Lyon writes:

. . .[Kashatus] has knitted together a meticulously detailed, exhaustively
researched, thoroughly dissected offering that contains no fewer than
four appendices, a selected bibliography, an index, an introduction, a
list of acknowledgments, and a veritable novella’s worth of notes. It
is difficult to believe that anything has been left out. . . .

If you grew up with the Phillies of his generation, this book will
resonate and rekindle fond memories. If you are learning of it for the
first time, well, there was a time, believe it or not, when the
Phillies rose above their rag-tag history, when the teams of the most
futile franchise in all of sport were perennial contenders.