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A Note from The Humanity Editorial Collective

Here's a note from the Humanity Editorial Collective about the latest issue of their journal.

Dear Readers:

The journal's second issue is out! Please see the table of contents here, which includes a dossier on piracy. Our website includes two teasers from the dossier, Daniel-Heller Roazen's introduction to our translation of Carl Schmitt's "The Concept of Piracy" (1937), and a journal interview with Lauren Benton and Dan Edelstein, authors of recent books on early modern piracy. The website also features an ongoing blog, along with the entirety of the inaugural issue.

The rest of the second issue is available to subscribers, and includes articles on piracy in contemporary Africa and international attempts to suppress it; a photo dossier from Nick Heavican on sites of genocide in Cambodia, linked to Brigitte Sion's ethnography from the scene; a piece on the law of war during the Mau Mau emergency and the Algerian war; and a critique of global constitutionalism in the name of legal pluralism.

You can find a personal subscription form here, and a recommendation to send to your local university librarian here.


The Humanity Editorial Collective

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