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  • ISSN: 0018-7895
  • eISSN: 1544-399X
  • Frequency: Quarterly


The Huntington Library Quarterly invites submissions of research articles concerning the literature, history, and art of Britain and America from the sixteenth century through the long eighteenth century. These need not relate to the Huntington Library’s own collections; the site of research or sources has no influence on the evaluation of submissions.

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A Brief History

The Huntington Library opened to the public in 1928. The Huntington Library Quarterly was launched in 1937 as part of the Library’s mission to “disseminate and contribute to the advancement of useful information and knowledge.” It succeeded the Huntington Library Bulletin (which had focused solely on describing the collections). That first issue announced that the journal would be “a medium for the publication of articles based on the researches of scholars at the Library.”
At the time, the Library was known in some academic circles, but the contents and significance of its collections were still being explored. The HLQ and Huntington book publications played a critical role in publicizing which materials the Library held and what they could teach us. The excitement of early researchers’ discoveries drew ever-growing waves of scholars to Southern California. Just four research fellows were at the Library in 1936–37, all from the United States; 80 years later, 1,691 scholars carried out research at the Huntington, 200 of them fellows, of whom 30 percent hailed from other countries.
As knowledge of the Huntington grew, the HLQ’s profile evolved to publish outstanding scholarship of the early modern period in Britain and America, regardless of where it is researched.