Publish Your Journal With Us

The University of Pennsylvania Press journals program is an internationally renowned publishing enterprise promoting innovative print and digital content for a wide range of audiences. Penn Press titles are disseminated around the world to support the needs of researchers, teachers, students, and readers as they teach, plan, study, and collaborate. We welcome interested societies, associations, institutes, and individual editorial offices to submit a publication proposal for a new or existing journal. For more information, please write to Jocelyn Dawson, Director of Journals, at Our journals staff can offer a range of services tailored to the structural and budgetary goals of specific journals. Article authors: to submit a journal article, visit the individual journal’s page.

Journal Services
Submission and Content Management Services  
The Press offers Scholastica, a sophisticated web-enabled database-driven manuscript submission and peer-review system, to all journal editorial offices. This system makes it possible for a journal’s staff to conduct all of their submission and vetting work online.  
Editorial Services  
Penn Press can arrange for copy editing for grammar, punctuation, and formal style for those journals that do not manage this work themselves. Design services, including interior and cover design, image management, etc. are also available.  
Production Services  
Penn Press manages production workflows for all our journals, including schedule management, proofreading, typesetting and printing, scheduling of mailing, warehousing, and management of billing and payment for these services.  

Subscription Fulfillment  
Penn Press will service all orders, maintain subscriber lists, collect payments, and manage claims and inquiries. Subscriber records are updated regularly, and status reports on circulation are produced semiannually or upon request.   
Online Hosting 
Penn Press partners with Project MUSE, JSTOR, EBSCO, ProQuest and other aggregators to provide digital distribution to libraries and institutions around the world. Data and reporting from these partners can be made available to journals to support their goals.  
Penn Press undertakes vigorous promotional campaigns for all of its journals targeted at individuals as well as institutions, and cross-marketed with our books program. All aspects of promotion are handled by the Press, including direct mail and email campaigns, advertising, conferences, and social media posting.  
Copyright and Permissions  
Requests for reprinting and reuse are managed by Penn Press, including requests that come via our relationship with the Copyright Clearance Center. Revenue due to journals from these uses is managed and reported to each journal annually.  
Open Access  
Penn Press is committed to helping authors disseminate their work as widely as possible. Penn Press will work with journal editors and authors to provide the most efficient arrangement for Open Access dissemination of their content. For more about Open Access at Penn Press, visit our Open Access resource page