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A Birthday Toast to Ben

‘Twas Honest old Noah first planted the Vine
And mended his morals by drinking its Wine.
—from a drinking song by Benjamin Franklin

Here’s to Benjamin Frankin in honor of his 301st birthday. And here’s a list of books about his life and times.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin | Franklin, Benjamin. Peter Conn, Editor. Preface by Amy Gutmann
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 1 | Lemay, J. A. Leo
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 2 | Lemay, J. A. Leo
Doctor Franklin’s Medicine  | Finger, Stanley
Franklin’s Daughters | Mallon, Linda and Anita Sama
The Ingenious Dr. Franklin | Goodman, Nathan G., Editor
Franklin and His Friends | Fortune, Brandon Brame and Deborah J. Warner